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       JustBeGreen Energy is structured as a vertically integrated energy platform. Our primary purpose is to oversee the financing, project planning, implementing and developing  of renewable and sustainable energy development initiatives, around the world. Our goals are designed to generate significant profits while serving mankind and at the same time protecting our global environment for future generations. We are structured to function, as per design, in a worldwide basis under the JustBeGreen Brand.

We have been defined as a confederacy of alliances, with each retaining their own objectives and missions while being aided and supported by the combined memberships. Being associated with the JBG Brand’s core values are about creating honest ideas, to include honest green products, materials, and diversified services. All the above will be implemented throughout all its various initiatives and economic development programs, which are designed to serve mankind of course making money for its investors.

JBGE has assembled its portfolio of renewable and sustainable technologies, to include new alternative energy solutions, via creating an interface with old and the newest state art techJBGE the Company’s management team has spent the past several years researching and identifying “best of breed” energy technologies.  These include proven and emerging technologies in (i) solar (ii) wind turbine and micro wind tech, (iii) hydropower, (iv) bio- fuels, (v) waste-to-energy and (vi) advanced lithium power storage (battery) hydrogen technologies and geothermal technologies and other green technologies.  

Wind Turbines

JBGE is a key energy-based component within the entire consortium of segmented corporate entities within the JBG brand. JBGE has signed an exclusive service contract with both JustBeGreen Developers, LLC and JustBeGreen Village America, LLC. All our segmented business structures within the land plan have come together in a joint venture, each component has their clearly defined operational roles, thereby creating their clearly defined benefits. All their interrelated functional relationships will be in place on day one.

JustBeGreen Villages of America, LLC, will develop the first standalone, multi segmented, smart tech, agriculture, sustainable community development model, in the State of Tennessee.

JustBeGreen Villages of America can be defined as an environmental sandbox and or laboratory, with predefined number seats and areas of influence. We will be identified as a consortium of strategic alliances who are all under one brand, each retaining their own objectives and mission statement, while being aided and supported by the combined sum of all of its membership’s efforts.

Within the master land plan of JustBeGreen Villages of America will function as a central hub from which all business platforms will intersect.  This will include all of the profit and non-profit organizations, joint ventures of both environmental and humanitarian endeavors, will be managed by JBGE senior management.

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